Forms - Layout: add type-option for percentage + "Reset layout to default" button


I propose the next idea(s) or new features in Bizagi Studio.

1). Add type-option for setting percentage layout

While setting the layout of the control in Percentage format presently it is possible to set the width ratio only by dragging the line left or right.

In situations when a user has a dozen of controls and he wants for all of them to have the same custom layout e.g. exactly 30 | 70, he has to manually drag the layout-line multiple lines and that can be quite a time consuming and a bit frustrating task to always hit the right values (well at least it was for me) :).

Following the above, I propose that the option to type the values (or just the label width value) in 1-100 range is added.

Please, see attached image for more info.

2.) "Reset layout to default 50 | 50" button

In some cases, the user might want to reset the layout width values. Possibly a button that performs that could be included in the Layout popup window.

Please, see attached image for more info.

Kind regards,