Forms - Control Layout resets to default when converting to other control type


I propose the following (improvement) idea.

in Forms and under Format we can specify a custom layout ratio in a sense of Label width vs Control width (50:50 by default).

In many cases, when having set different layout ratio using the Convert To option (accessible by right-clicking on control) and selecting one of the options, many times the layout is reset back to the default 50:50 instead of keeping the previous layout settings.

Please, see the attached image for screenshots.

That occurs in either Percentage or Pixels options.

That does not occur every time. So far I've observed this happens in the next Convert To situations:

list -> combo

any control -> hidden

combo -> radio

It would be great if the layout values are kept when converting the control.

Possibly another addition would be adding a "reset layout to default" button of some sort if the user really wishes to reset the layout, but I believe this is a matter for a separate topic.

Kind regards,