First Configuration setup headaches

Hi All,

First post here, so please go easy on me!

I'm trying to set up a test system. The aim is, that I get a few basic process onboard, some dummy accounts created (<20), and allow managers to see and the outputs of this via the Work Portal.

I've currently got (not real machine id's):

DEV209 (Win2012) - Has SQL 2012.
DEV212 (Win2012) - Has IIS.
PC614 (Win7) - My desktop PC.

I'm local admin for all boxes, but not domain admin.

Basically, I'd like to be able to do 2 things:

  1. 1. Create processes on PC614, and publish them.
  2. 2. Have a colleague log onto something like http://DEV212/BizagiProject and participate in test process execution.

Currently, I appear to have made a right mess of it, despite the tons of material.

Could someone say briefly which components I need to install on which boxes to make this happen? (As a test environment with < 20 testers).

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Think I'm finally making some progress... my server had Default Site disabled. Re-enabled, and created a new project, which seems to be visible as a Work Portal, outside the server :).


Dear Michael,

In order to execute your processes in this server: http://DEV212/BizagiProject , you require to install Bizagi Studio there and create a project. This project will connect to DEV209 in order to access to database. This project will be executed as http://localhost/BizagiProject or http://DEV212/BizagiProject.

Finally, from your desktop, you will be able to automate that process. It means that you and your team can connect remotely to this project and edit each part of the process. How can you do it?

Best Regards


Hi Juan,

That seems to have worked a treat, thank you!