Filtering by role and by a WF User foreign key

Good afternoon, I'm wondering if someone has used an expression to filter by role and by a WF User foreing key in order to allocate a task.

The idea is to filter by using the role "Security Analyst" and the WF User foreign key code "ITSU"

I have created the code (picture attached), but when I use traces it only shows validation messages until the line:

for(var i = 1;i<UsersRole.Count;i++){

CHelper.trace("SER analyst.txt", "ingresa for"); .

So, I'm wondering if someone has had a related case or if someone knows how to make traces to show validations until the end of the code and not just until the second line.



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Dear Jorge Enrique,

Regarding your question WFUSER table has a relation one to many with Roles, Skills and position. Bizagi has created an function to get users according the name of each one.

•Users with a specific Role

You can obtain a list of the users who hold a certain Role within the organization using the getUsersForRole function.

This function will return a list of user identifiers that comply with the Role.

The syntax of the function is:


The parameter is the name of the Role.

For further information: