Under Consideration

Few nice methods that come handy in day to day computation

It will be great to have few methods built under the "CHelper" (or some other construct) that can be used under the Bizagi Expression Builder

  1. RegEx Match : - to compare a string against a regular expression pattern provided. I understand that we have a regular expression validator, but this does not help in all the cases, where my validations vary by some data constraints.

Ex:- bool RegExMatch(pattern , matchString)

2. Alert/Message :- to display a message to the user/developer from an expression, understanding

that we have trace statements but still this will help to a great extent.

It would be great and productive if we can define actions on the form such as (form load, unload) similar to that we have for individual controls to perform onChange.

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I've been hunting for doing dynamic regex and found this post.

Also doing a basic MessageBox() function.

Hard to believe we don't have this.