Expression Syntac validation does not report missing ";" at the end of the line


while working in the Expression editor and writing quite complex code, one of the main "time-consumers" when trying to determine, why my expression either behaves unexpectedly or throws errors, was the fact, that the Syntax and references validation simply did not report that the semicolons were simply missing at the end of the lines and, of course, just from the (usually complicated at first glance) error messages, a programmer might not be able to determine that was the semicolon that was actually the issue.

Please note that I and probably many other users are working with multiple programming languages, including Python, which does not "require" semicolons to determine the "code lines". So we are relying also on the editor syntax checker to help us out on such matters and help us save on time when fixing our codes.

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My additional thoughts on the Expression editor:

This is only one of the many drawbacks of the Bizagi Expression editor... If possible it would be good to think about a different approach of expression editor in the direction of integrating the existing and publicly known ones such as Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, etc., and possibly achieve the "Bizagi syntax checking" for e.g. XPaths, etc. through a Bizagi directed package/extension.

Personally, if there was a Bizagi syntax package/extension available for any of the mentioned text editors above at this moment I would install and use it without a second thought.

The fact is when it comes to editing features (themes, keystrokes, syntax checking, multi editing...), all of the above-mentioned text editors are presently way superior and user-friendly compared to Bizagi Expression Editor.

Please note, that the statement above is not meant to criticize Bizagi, it is a great tool and I plan to continue to use it, I just want to give you feedback from my perspective as a Bizagi user when it comes to writing extensive and complicated expressions.

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Dear Dejan,

Thank you for letting us know about this, and for your patience awaiting for this answer. We will escalate this to the Product team so that they assess the possibility to improve the expression editor.

Best regards,

Laura G