Expression current user ID not working on the stakeholder search form

Hello everyone

I tried to use the expression "user id of current user" and "Me.workingCredential.UserId" be a default value of WFUSER field in the stakeholder search from, but the search page will keep loading after apply this setting during the portal. Other then that , I tried to test with fix number such as '1' (admon) be a default value, it is working. May I have your advice? Looking forward to your reply soon. Great thanks.

Bizagi version


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Bizagi provides several functions that allow you to find and manipulate information about the current user.

The user information can be retrieved depending on whether there is context or not (if there is an ongoing case or the expression is used outside of a case).

1. Use Me.WorkingCredential, when it is requited to use the information of the current user allocated to the current task in Process forms or expressions (i.e., with context).

2. Use Credential, when it is required to use the information of the current logged in user in Query, Summary or global forms (i.e., without context).

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