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I have a question regarding Bizagi Studio or Engine. Is it possible to export or create independent software using these tools? For example: if I want a webpage for creating a new vendor with a connection towards a SAP system, is it possible to export this and use it as a standalone software application?

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Bas van Zeijl

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Dear Bas,

Regarding this question, Bizagi JEE project can be used on Windows or Linux platform as standalone.

Generate the Work Portal (deploy the application) for your project, once you already have both:

•Your Processes implementations in the Test or Production Database.

For more information about how to publish your Processes implementations into a Test or Production Database, refer to the Advanced Deployment.

•A JEE Application Server configured to work with Bizagi for the Test or Production environment.

For more information about this configuration, refer to Configuring a JEE Application Server.

To do this, follow the configuration detailed at the sections below (according to your chosen JEE Application Server):

Deploying the application into WebSphere.

Deploying the application into Weblogic.

Deploying the application into JBoss.

For example, for JBOSS server:

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Is it possible to do this for a .NET project as well? What tools will be used in the case of .NET?


Dear Bas,

Yes, it is possible through advanced deployments, but it only applies for Windows platform. Follow this article to know how you can do it: