ExecuteNonQuery Error


i am using bizagi 11

whe i deploy any process to product envirement, bizagi show the following error after preforming backup and making metadata:

ExecuteNonQuery requires an open and available connection. the connection's current state is closed.

i didn't find any error in bizagi server and database server event viewer.

please help me...

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Dear Yahya.

Regarding this problem, it can be problem of SQL Server.

Please follow this article:

and verify if the service is up. Also, verify the ports on your Firewall:

The communication between the Bizagi Studio and the BPM server hosting the project uses the following ports:

TCP 5679 for projects in the .NET platform.

TCP 5680 for projects in a JEE platform.

UDP ports: 50051, 50052 and 50053.

We look forward to hearing from you


Dear Jorge.

I check the link and every think is OK.

also i installed both of Bizagi Studio and BPM Server in a same server . so the communication between these services is OK.

also this error shown randomly. some time i can deploy a process without any problem, and some time this error shown 2 times or 3 times or ... 20 times when i deploy that process (same process),

today i cant deploy that process after getting more than 30 times of that error.


Dear Yahya,

Recently has been release the last version of bizagi 11.2.5

You can download here: And test.

Also you can create a new ticket directly in support of product (Recommended) :