Error when passing special character to WorkflowEngine.asmx webservice

Hi there,

I am getting the following error when trying to pass special characters using the createCases operation on the webservice.

Bizagi version

The attribute I'm trying to populate:



“test these characters”



Error XML:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""; xmlns:xsi=""; xmlns:xsd="">;


<createCasesResponse xmlns="">;


<BizAgiWSResponse xmlns="">

<ErrorMessage>Invalid character in the given encoding. Line 24, position 11.</ErrorMessage>






Is there a setting on the workflow that I need to change to allow the webservice to accept special characters?

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Dear Coronation,

After analyzing your question, we have found that you are not creating the XML correctly. We are not sure why you have “<![CDATA[” inside of “<MessagePlainText>”.

We think CDATA is only needed when you are using the createCasesAsString method. It’s not needed for createCases method.

For further information, please refer:

In addition, please try using below statement and make sure you use proper quotes to form the correct String.

"<MessagePlainText>" + "test these characters" + "</ MessagePlainText>"

You can escape the quotes if you need them as part of your String.

"<MessagePlainText>" + "\"test these characters\"" + "</ MessagePlainText>"


Support Team