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Error in Run In Cloud: String or binary data would be truncated

Trying to build a demo to show leadership Wednesday to convince them to buy Bizagi. Getting error on "Run." See attached screenprint. "String or binary data would be truncated." I last successfully got "Run" to load the work portal correctly probably Tues or Wed when I demo'd one process. Am building an add'l process to demo targeted at the management I'm demonstrating to this Wednesday and getting the error. Please help! Thanks.

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Dear Alan,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your questions. the fastest way to solve the issue you are reporting is to begin from scratch again as it might be an metadata issue.

However, if you really want your current project looked at and do not mind waiting for an answer, you might extract the metadata of the current project and send it to us to create a support ticket.

Kind regards,

Laura G