Entity Properties: Is it possible to rename "Source" and "Key" afterwards?


Statement: I am aware, that renaming those two properties might completely break my project and I know the risks.

Now to my question:

In Bizagi Data Model it happens quite often that I decided to rename the entity name through the Entity Properties. However, the "Source" and "Key" do not change accordingly.

So, for example, if I name my Entity "Test Entity", it will have:

- Display name: Test Entity

- Name: DisplayEntity

- Source: DisplayEntity

- Key: idDisplayEntity

If I rename it to "Client" (both Display name and Name) , then the entity will have:

- Display name: Client

- Name: Client

- Source: DisplayEntity (!!!)

- Key: idDisplayEntity (!!!)

How can I achieve, that also the Source and Key will reflect the rename change? Neither in the Model Data nor in the Expert View I am unable to find the option to do that so far.

At the moment I am at the start of a fresh project that contains no expressions, forms, actions, etc. yet so changing those two properties should not pose a problem, and I want to avoid the situation that I would have to I fully delete my current entity and then create a new one with the same attributes and relations.

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Dear Dejan,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. The Bizagi Suite is implemented to allow the changing of names to comply with customized naming standards; however, it does not go as far as to change the internal name of columns or entire tables, as these are used for internal mapping processes.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this limitation might cause.

Best regards,

Laura G