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I need help with creating dynamic form based on previous actions. In one of my form, I have a text field that will at some point contain a comment, but is empty when accessing it first time.

This is how it works:

-person A creates a list that contains items and their prices and send it to person B for evaluation (at this point person A is using a form that contains text field that should be empty and not visible on the form)

-person B can only read list. After reviewing the list, person B can either approve it or not. If the list is approved it is sent further into the proccess. But if the list is not approved, person B leaves a comment on it and sends it back to person A to update it according to comment.

-person A recieves the list and this is where the text field should become visible on the form and shown.

So basically, I am using a text field that should be shown only if it contains a comment. It should always be hiddien while first time accessing the proccess, and if the list is not approved, then the field should become visible and show comments.

In advance, thank you for your help.

Best regards.

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Dear Petar,

Thank you for your clear description. Bizagi has a feature called actions and validations which helps to create forms very easy with actions like hide a control, refresh a control, execute a rule and so on and validations like email account, fill at least a register in a table and so on.

The following article shows how to show or hide a control according your needs:

In addition, take a note of other actions at:

Best Regards