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Document templates wizard - mapping & date format: faulty date format preview VS the actual result


while in the Documentation templates wizard I am trying to set a date format that will use a dot separator (e.g. 20.09.2021).

At first, in the Tags Mapping everything seems fine, there is a dot separator being used (as seen in the attached image Screenshot_19.png and Screenshot_21.png).

However, when generating the document a slash separator is being used instead and not the expected dot separator (as seen in the attached image Screenshot_20.png).

However, if I manually type a date format I require in the Format Date options (as seen in the attached image Screenshot_22.png) the preview matches the actual result (as seen in the attached image Screenshot_23.png), so in this case it is OK.

It would be beneficial for both Bizagi and its users if in all cases the date format preview matches the final result in the situation described above.

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Dear Dejan,

Thank you for bringing this up to us. We will pass this information on to one of our teams so that they may take a look and work to solve it.

Best regards,

Laura G


Dear Laura,

thank you for your response. Thank you for forwarding my question (now idea) to your team.

I am glad I can help in any way helping you making Bizagi even better and I look forward to the next version of Bizagi Studio and its new improvements and features.

Kind regards,