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document/case folder

Any customer dealing with a ECM is accustomed to tailor the document space into folders and subfolders. In certain industries it's dictated by a standard -- e.g. in phrarma there is a notion of "drug dossier" presented by a folders tree comprising dozens of Word documents; the examples of folders are laboratary tests for durability or clinical tests in countries one, two, three...

Bizagi's approach is to store all documents of a certain type in one folder; documents belonging to all cases goes there. It totally shocks a prospective customer considering using Bizagi in connection with e.g. SharePoint or Documentum and makes the competing offering from the latter more appealing.

I believe it's relatively easy to remedy this deficiency: please add optional "Path expression" field that would allow to calculate the place to store a specific document within the connected ECM at the runtime. As a side effect, the missing (sub)folders should be created if another new field "Create missing folders" is set to true (default).

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Better yet, you should be able to "calculate" the display text with an expression, not just selecting one or two attributes.


Also the CONTROL NAME used in the "Actions & Validations" panel should be different than the DISPLAY NAME.

The DISPLAY NAME you should be able to modify with an expression.

The CONTROL name should be fixed and only useful to reference the control for rules in "Actions & Validations" or even from other expressions.


Got the same problem with a client. Each case´s documents are stored in a diferent folder named after the case´s number (he also need a customized numering for that, but this is another story).