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Deploy Process to another server

Hi guys,

I'm Brazilian and I have a problem when I try to deploy the process to the TEST environment that is in an cloud server.

The problem is that the summary not show me what is the error! And what i could see is that this problem happen when the bizagi is "Creating Project" (when it is creating the Folders and the files in the cloud server).

So, anyone know what problem is happen here?


Thyago Budal.

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Dear Thyago

To give effective follow-up to this incident, we need your help with the following information:On the server where you are creating the project, in the folder C: \ \ Program Files \ \ Bizagi \ \ Bizagi Enterprise \ \ ServerOperationsService \ \ are generated files with extension. Log, also Application Event Log in. Evtx of the machine from which you are trying to create the project.

Could you please send the files to

best regards

Luis EMilio