Data Replication with PostgreSQL DB

Hi there,

we are currently involved in a project, where the customer's Bizagi needs to integrate data from a PostgreSQL database. Preferably, we would like to use data replication to do this as seamless as possible. We are well aware that there is no official support for this dbms.

Has anyone any experience with such an approach?

Are there alternatives to integrate PostgreSQL data natively?

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Dear Björn,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. The following article presents the steps for data replication in MySQL, so you would need to do the same thing in ProsgreSQL:

We hope this helps with your request. Please, let us know if there is something more we can help you with.

Best regards,

Laura G


Hi Laura.

That looks exactly like what I was looking for. I guess there is currently no existing lib for PostgreSQL for share? Did anyone already create a custom Replication library and could share some insights? Like, were there any drawbacks? How did you do the debugging. As it seems, the only way to do is deploy it to your Bizagi and test in a fully living body, isn't it?

Does a custom Replication library perform in any way notably different from the default MS SQL integration?

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