Custom CSS styles and Bizagi Forms Designer


following the Bizagi documentation found on and I've made my own forms style (for testing purposes, please see attached screenshot bizagi_custom_style_test.png).

Is it possible to apply the same style to be used in Bizagi Forms Designer? It would be much easier to work this way, as I plan to include different margins, padding, etc. as the preview shown in the Bizagi Forms Designer would not be accurate enough.

To compare with the "default" Bizagi style as seen in the Bizagi Forms Designer please see the attached screenshot bizagi_custom_style_test_default.png.

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Dear Dejan,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. The following is the answer we received: all custom styles apply on top of the original forms designer, so it's not possible to modify the forms designer directly; our recommendation would be that you use reusable forms to have something like a template and not need to create your designs from scratch.

We hope that this answer helps you with your inquiry. If any more questions arise, please let us know.

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Laura G