Control Format - right and left align icons/buttons have switched places according to logic


I propose small idea (it is not really a bug) that would enhance users' experience with Bizagi Studio.

While in Bizagi Forms Designer and Control Properties -> Format options I've noticed (well, at least for Text box control, I haven't checked for other control types) that the alignment options icons/buttons for left and right are switched (if we relate the left/right align icon with the logical placement according to functionality).

So "Align text to the right" icon is placed left while "Align text to the left" icon is placed on the right side.

It would be nice if the "Left align" is placed on the left and the "Right align" on the right.

The icons perform the described functionality fine, so currently, only the icon/button placement needs to be addressed.

Please see the attached screenshot file for more info.

Kind regards,