Connector from Bizagi to Dataverse API problem

Hello. I did create a connector using the "Easy Rest connector" option in Bizagi Connector Editor. The connector is to use Dataverse API (the Dynamics Connector from Connector Xchange don't offers Actions to work with Quotes).

In the Bizagi Connector Editor, in the action INPUTS tab, I used the Autogenerate option to upload a JSON file (see Autogenerate pic attached). I installed the connector in the project,... etc. I'm using the connector on exit in an activity and I did the actions input mapping... etc.

I press Next to advance to next activity and I see an error (see Error pic attached) "The process can't be processed... BAD REQUEST... syntactically incorrect", so I check the logs in Temporary\Connectors folder and the JSON no match (see JSONnoMatch pic attached) with the definition in the connector.

Please help... thanks!

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Dear Camilo,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue; we are sorry about the inconvenience that you are experiencing. We believe your company has a paid subscription with us, so we would highly recommend you create a Support ticket following the steps in this article, so that our team may offer further and prompt assistance to your case:

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Laura G