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Configuring Bizagi User Information with AD Information Using LDAP

We can currently import AD users into Bizagi using LDAP in

the security configuration settings within Bizagi Studio. However, we would

like to map more user information from AD to the Bizagi users such as Boss User

and Groups. I assume this can be done in the "Attribute mappings" tab within the LDAP configuration settings. For example, I noticed a Bizagi User attribute of "idBossUser" and I mapped it with the LDAP attribute of "manager". However, after running the job to import users the Boss User in Bizagi is still blank when viewing users in the Work Portal. It appears this mapping did nothing for this attribute after running the import job.

Manager in our AD corresponds to a user's supervisor, but has the AD syntax:


This syntax may be the reason why the attribute mappings did not work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Dear Ron,

There is not a way to import a boss as you requiere. You need to follow this list of attributes allowed by LDAP system:

The boss need to be added one by one or using SOAP layer. You need to follow this method: SaveEntity. For further information: