Completing tasks via E-mail using outlook 2007

There is a problem with the Completing tasks via E-mail function.

I have create a task with form that, needs to be accepted\Rejected via Email, by following the instruction in the links below

When clicking the Accept link the new mail window does not open in order to proceed in the process task.

The Bizagi Studio version is and i am using outlook 2007

after testing the outlooks 2007 mailto protocol by creating my own link there was no problem and the new mail window opened but with bizagi link does not opened

waiting for your answer

thanks in advance

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Dear Thomas,

Please bear in mind the following considerations, taken from:

• Recall that tasks enabled to be completed via e-mail, will still be also available to be completed through the Work Portal.

This means that if Bizagi receives a response via e-mail, then the task will no longer be available in the Work Portal, and similarly, whenever the user completes a task through the Work Portal, then any e-mails already sent will no longer be valid (such e-mail replies will log an error).

• Whenever fields within the Form are required to be filled-in, it is strongly recommend to rely on Rules (as available in the Button's configuration) in order to automatically set those values to these fields.

• Note that responses are processed by the Scheduler service in Bizagi. Therefore, it is important that you ensure that the Scheduler is in a started status.

• This feature has been verified with Outlook365 and Outlook 2013, as well as with Gmail and Yahoo. Other providers or versions have not been officially certified as well as the use of web clients such as Owa (which is not supported).

• For this feature's adequate working, ensure both that the ports that you use for the mailbox have adequate access rights and that this mailbox is not the same one as the one assigned for the user when completing a task via e-mail.

• You may not use a same mailbox in for multiple Bizagi projects nor for multiple Bizagi environments of a same project.


Support Team