Clear Understanding of component locations

I'm in the process of learning Bizagi (in it's entirety).

I've had a pop-up asking me to use 'cloud'.

I have SQL Server on my server machine (used Bizagi connected to it), on my local machine (used Bizagi connected to it), and now, in the 'cloud'.

I am at a stage where I have absolutely no idea what I'm connected to, and where all components are located.

Is there a process where I can simply determine 'where everything actually IS'?

Thanks (from a noob).


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Dear Darrylle,

Regarding your question, Bizagi works using your current SQL Server. At the moment to create a project, the wizard of Bizagi helps you to select a SQL Server and you must need to write a user and password. You should see something like this:


A common structure of Bizagi:


For further information, please check these articles from our help site: