Change Main Menu

Is it possible to change/customize the menus on the Main Menu? For exmample I'l like to have one menu for some processes, another menu for other processes, another menu for some queries and another menu for some other queries.

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Dear Solange,

The Menu itself is not customizable. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things that you can customize on your menu. To have a deeper understanding of this, please refer to the following information:

We recommend the reading of this specific information:

Queries: Allows accessing data through customized queries by means of Query Forms. These queries are used to carry out searches that meet certain business and/or Process criteria, with the option to generate reports to analyze using a Graphical Analysis tool.

Preferences - User tab: Enables the logged user to update the information in his/her profile. The modifiable information is given by the User properties defined in Bizagi Studio. If there is a Form customized for this menu, the form will display. If not, Bizagi will auto-generate a default form.

Best regards.