Capturing User ID on Exit of the activity.

"onExit" event of an activity, I use "Me.Case.WorkingCredential.UserId" to capture user id to store in the entity table. Most of the time (over 90%) it works as expected, however sometimes it shows unexpected user id.

I was wondering if I am using incorrect method to obtain user id.

I also find a different method "Me.Assignees[i].Id", should I be using "Me.Assignees[0].Id" instead of "Me.Case.WorkingCredential.UserId" ? Please advise.



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Dear Satoshi,

The correct way to get the id of the user is "Me.Case.WorkingCredential.UserId" because it will return the user who is logged to the work portal and who clicks the "Next" button. It also helps to know who executes expressions of following activities like automatic tasks until the next manual activity.

The Assignees function is not correct because only manual activities are assigned to users.

The behaviour that you have been presenting is that some activities which you do not get the correct id user are after a timer event or asynchronous task and which are executed by the scheduler. These activities are executed by admon user.

Best Regards