Cannot leave the entries of entities blank if I edit it from the process while it runs as a web application.

I have an entity that has four attributes:

an integer ID,

a string Name,

two string emails.

I created the entity initially with only the first two fields and added the email fields later when the need arose and hence in the database most of the email fields are currently stored as NULL values.

The problem (the process is running as a web application for the following to happen):

When I try to edit the entity values by going to "Admin" -> "Entities" -> Select the entity -> "View" an entity with NULL email addresses and try to save the entity with one or more fields blank, I get an error message box saying that the email fields are required fields.

If I create a new entity and try to leave any of the four fields blank, I also get the same error.

If I edit the entry in the database and enter non-NULL values instead, the same values are populated in the web application.

Since the entry is being stored as a NULL value in the database, there seems to be some check going on in BizAgi which won't allow some/all values of the entity to be left as NULL even though in the database the attribute value can be NULL.

How can I turn off this mechanism?


Dear Tushar

Bizagi defines by default forms for the administration of Parameter Entities. These forms display all the attributes defined for the entity and define them as required.

However, the user can customize these forms. There are three forms that can be related to an entity: Display Form, Add Form and Edit Form as show in Entities Administration article

best regards

Luis Emilio