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Cannot create Bizagi Projects on local PC (W7) + Bizagi Express (10.3) + SQL Server 2012 Express (localDB)


I need to have a local PC development environment for working on Bizagi projects when offline.

Local install of SQL Server 2012 Express went fine using LocalDB (so it starts/stops automatically)

Local install of Bizagi Express (10.3.1030.0) went fine and connected to the SQL LocalDB Instance

Cannot create a Bizagi Project ! I get the errors below. I have double checked: the SQL instance was running fine and the sa user and password work fine from SQL Server Management Studio. Bizagi should work or ?

Summary of ProblemsProblems:

* SQL Server (localDB)\v11.0 is version Login failed for user 'sa'..SQL Server 2005 SP2 or later is required

* Login failed for user 'sa'

Anyone having similar issues ? Anyone running Express on SQL Server 2012 ? Express ? LocalDB ?

Thanks for looking into this and any help you can provide

Best Regards,JohMut

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Dear Johan,

Before to begin to create a project, please verify these points:

For further information, please check these articles:

I hope with this information, you can go ahead with your project

Kind Regards


Thanks Juan, I found and fixed it myself. Here is how, should anyone else run into the same troubles:

When you install SQL Server Express, LocalDB version, one instance is created automatically and owned (accessible only) by the Administrative user that installed it using 'Windows Authentication'.

Now Bizagi wants to use 'SQL Server Authentication' so the first thing you need to do is to find a suitable SQL user. The 'sa' user is created automatically as in any SQL Server installation, you will however need to set a password for 'sa' and configure the LocalDB instance for both Windows and SQL Server Authentication (using SSMS).

Then you need to know that LocalDB can only be used by other users than the creator/administrator IF you explicitly share it. You need to use a command prompt with elevated (administrator) privileges and run the 'SQLLocalDB' utility. e.g. ">SQLLocalDB share v11.0 BizagiExpress" makes the default v11.0 instance accessible by other users under the alias ".\BizagiExpress". Then you can use the 'sa' user to connect to the "(LocalDB)\.\BizagiExpress" database.

When creating a new project in Bizagi Express, check the box for advanced database configuration and specify the database as "(localDB)\.\BizagiExpress" using 'sa' and the corresponding password to connect. This will now work !

It is a bit more complicated than going for a normal install but the performance benefits from not having an SQL Server instance running on your local PC is very well worth the extra effort.

Thx & Best Regards,JohMut


Johan Congratulation for your share!


Unfortunately, the link for IIS configuration did not help to resolve the issue on my local Windows 7 machine that already had IIS 7.5 installed. Can you be more specific as to the root cause within IIS? Is there a log file that I can review that might point me in the right direction? The IIS error message occurs while trying to build my first project, so this is very discouraging.


Dear Steve,

In order to help to solve your issue, we require the following information:

  • Bizagi version
  • Screenshot of the issue
  • Screenshot of IIS Manager ( the full tree where we can see the project below of Default Web Site)

We look forward to hearing from you


Juan, once I selected ALL the IIS features per your installation link above, it resolved the issue and I was able to successfully build the project. Thanks for your quick response.