Cannot access bizagi project hosted on windows server remotely

I have a server running windows server 2012. I configured IIS server as explained in this post.

then i created a bizagi project and deployed it on IIS server. I can access that project through local host i.e. through localhost:10024/myproject/ but i can not access it from any other machine i.e. this is the ip address of my server I can not access my bizagi project from . Am I missing something. I tried adding new bindings and make a new entry of port 10024 in inbound rules in my fire wall.

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Dear Fahad,

Please ensure you are running Bizagi on your IIS web server

and not on local host. To do this, navigate to the ‘Configuration’ tab in

Bizagi Studio and select ‘Web Server’ from the ribbon. Select ‘Internet

Information Services’ from this menu click OK. Now open the work portal. It

should now be running on <yourServer>/<yourProject> which can be

accessed from another machine.

Thank you,