"Cancel" button created receiving error

I've created a "Cancel" button linked to ending my process according to the following guide:

However, when I execute my rule, I receive the following error: "Error processing Rule = 88fc5f17-1fa7-4fb5-8d7f-ff6a4ce545db; Error: Error Evaluating Rule Cancel - Error Task (name:Cancel) does not exist ."

Why am I receiving this error? Is there some additional configuration I need to make to my event? I've attached my process model for my process. Thank you.

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Dear Joe,

There is a "Display Name" and "Name" associated with each of the BPMN notation used in the process/flow.

In your setEvent method you need to use the "Name" of your Cancel event and not the display name.

You can find the Name by following these steps:

1) Go to step 1 of the Wizard

2)Click on Edit Process

3)Right click on the Cancel event on the flow and select Properties.

4)Here you should see the Name and the Display Name.

5)Note down the Name and use that in the call to setEvent.

Best Regards