Can you collapse side bar in user work portal without changing the preference?

I am working on API project. For the external users of the application, customer wanted to set the sidebars in each case work poral collapsed by default without each user updating the preference.

Is there anyway we can execute an expression or write a SQL script to update the preferences to collapse sidebars for all users?

Please find attached file for reference highlighted in red color.

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Dear Seenivasan,

Thank you for letting us know your questions.

This feature you are asking for is possible to do in versions and where the service that returns the user's preferences is adjusted so that it evaluates the CollapseWorkportalSidebarsOverride configuration key, takes the value and assigns it to the attribute of collapsing or the side panels that appear in the activities form. These are the instructions for configuring this key:

For the configuration key to work, the key <add key="CollapseWorkportalSidebarsOverride" value="true" /> must be added to the web.config within the <appSettings> section at the same level where the database connection key is located.

By adding that key in the AppSettings section of the web.config, the sidebars are collapsed by default (again in 11.2.5 and above).

We hope this helps solve the question you have.

Best regards,

Laura G