Bizagi subscription plans

Good day, forum users!

For our local client project, we need a Bizagi solution that has the shared depository, directory and enabled integration of the models created by different users.

We have looked through the Bizagi Modeler user guide, it has different subscription plans, yet does not address our current concerns.

On the other hand, the Bizagi Studio has extended functionality and centralized server depository, yet no information about the subscription plans and costs are available.

We ask you to propose the proper solution that has the following capabilities:

1) Enabled multi-user work with a single database for modeling (no automation needed);

2) Centralized directories of objects for use in all models;

3) Enabled integration of models with each other.

Furthermore, we are wondering whether the workgroup/enterprise subscription plans are cloud-based or on-premise solution on the client's server. The client has restricted to disclose third-party information and to use the public cloud solutions.

Finally, what would be the costs per employee for the solution offered?

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Dear Khurshid,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Bizagi Studio and Bizagi Modeler are two different products. If you only want to model and simulate on a process, you should use Bizagi Modeler. If you want the full automation suite to automate a process that is already in motion within your company (or your client's), then you should use the Bizagi Studio.

Please bear in mind that Bizagi Studio is not available for singular use but for companies. Bizagi Modeler has a free option, which is the one you probably know, and a paid option for companies that offers some features the free one lacks (cloud storage, publication services, etc.).

For information on costs of subscription for either solution, please use the "Contact us" form available in the Bizagi website ( to contact the sales department, so they may assist you with your questions.

Kind regards,

Laura G