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Hello, I'm a student and I would like to access the free version of Bizagi Studio in order to write my thesis. On previous topics it was answered either to access with the same account, by downloading the software in the portal, or to ask for the subscription name through the contact us option. Unfortunately in this moment is no longer possible to access the software with a non customer account, moreover I used the "contact us" option and sent a message to the sales, which seems to me the only way to communicate with the Bizagi team as I'm not part of a company; I received a scripted message, in which at the end there was this: Unfortunately, we are not able to answer support questions received via the Talk to Sales form". So now I wonder about how to contact the team as an individual user.

Can someone please help me? Thank you.

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Dear Gabriele,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. We are sorry that you have not received answer from our other channels.

Please notice that the trial version for Bizagi Studio is now more restricted. You can initiate the trial by creating a Bizagi account (the same credentials you used for this forum), downloading Bizagi Studio (Portable) from the portal, and initiating the trial from there as before.

We advise you, however, that Studio and Automation should work together, and Automation is not part of the Bizagi Studio trial. If you mainly need Bizagi for modeling a process or simulations, we highly recommend that you use Bizagi Modeler instead (which has a free version that includes simulation features and some options to export the models).

Kind regards,

Laura G