Bizagi Jira Connector - Upload Attachment to Issue


I am using the Bizagi Connector from Bizagi Xchange for Jira.

I need to add an attachment to the Issue that is already created using its Issue Key

1. I have the Issue Key, username and password (Basic Auth works as its a Jira Server and still uses v2 of Jira Api)

2. It requires 2 more string type fields as per the Inputs which are named file and filename.

I have passed the filename as its fairly straightforward but no matter what i pass in file its not working

I passed the File type variable to it as well but it shows error parameter file is required.

In Attached Screenshot i have given ConfigFile field and mapped it to File parameter but as u can see the error

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I found that i need to upload the Data part in the file filed, but i keep getting this error as i attached here, no idea why it keeps going to Localhost

form.append('file', new Buffer(data.inputs.input.file,'base64'),{filename: data.inputs.input.filename});


host: globals.systemproperties.HOST,

port: globals.systemproperties.PORT,

path: "/rest/api/2/issue/"+data.inputs.input.issue_key+"/attachments",

auth: auth,


"X-Atlassian-Token" : "no-check"


}, function(err, response) {


var errorData = {

error: err.toString() +'- Connector Jira',

message: err.toString() +'- Connector Jira',

status: 500


This is the Part of the COde till the Error i get which has status 500

I usually remove the host and port completely and set the Path direct as i do not have a port.

All suggestions are welcome


Dear Ronak,

Thank you for letting us know about this question you have and for your patience.

Reading what you reported, we would recommend that you make sure if Jira accepts base 64 characters, as it might be an issue with compatibility.

Best regards,

Laura G