Bizagi integration with Office 365 Sharepoint

With more and more enterprises moving to Office365, Bizagi needs to be able to integrate with Sharepoint online. Per my understanding, Bizagi can integrate with local/on-prem Sharepoint instances through CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services), which is DISABLED by Microsoft for O365. My questions:

1. Is there any other way to integrate Bizagi with Sharepoint online?

2. If not, is this planned on a future release of Bizagi?


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Dear Sumitro,

Our latest versions were improved attempting to better support the Sharepoint integration with Bizagi. Below, we are attaching the Download URL for both Modeler and Studio and also some useful documentation links about the Sharepoint integration (Modeler, Studio, On-premises, Online, Web Parts, and server configuration). We recommend to carefully review if all the steps for SPO configuration were performed correctly.

So, answering to your questions:

1. There is in fact more ways to perform this integration. We invite you to deeply explore the two user guide articles for further information.

2. This is not finished. We've included some new features and improvements in 11.2 version regarding Sharepoint integration but this functionality is still in the target for future releases. Thanks so much for your feedback. It is of great importance!!

Hope this information might result useful for you.

Kind regards.