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Good Morning,

I have to implement an expression that causes each element of a table to execute a task. Explaining

better, I have a product that is composed of several components, and

for each component I want it to perform a task that automatically

records a request for quotation of that component. It is the first time I have contact with Bizagi and I have had some difficulties at this point.

Thank you in advance,

Vitor Sousa

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Dear Vitor,

In order to go through each one of the components you can implement a For element in your business rule:

Then, depending on how are you going to record the quotation, you can either add data using the Add items functionality, or implement a Web Service element in the business rule. Here are some articles related:

Alternatively, and depending on your requirement, you might implement Multiple Sub-Processes if the logic followed by each component differs considerably from the others'.


Support Team