Bizagi database version DbBuild 460 is not supported...


I have an example made few years ago with some older Bizagi Studio version. And when I try to restore it I get this message.

I tried to download older versions but I get error message for every version but latest. Is there any link for older version that works, and which version supports DbBuild 460?

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Dear Amedin,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. To solve this issue, you need to install a previous version that supports DbBuild 460 (version 11.0.0 is the last one we found that meets this requirement). Then you need to create a new project using this previous version. Then, overwrite the database of that new project using the database of the project you want to restore. Once you have an actual project that uses the database you have, you may reinstall version 11.2.5 and open the project. This procedure will update the project to version 11.2.5 automatically. Below you may find links for the installers to the Engine and Studio in version 11.0.0 in case you need them.

11.0.0 Engine:

11.0.0 Studio:

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Laura G