Bizagi Cloud - problems with timer event and Bizagi Connector for Salesforce

Hello Bizagi!

I am testing Bizagi Cloud and am having two issues:

1. The timer event when it arrives at the set date and time does not activate the following task. In the on premise version, it activates. In my trial version of Bizagi Cloud I don't have access to the scheduler, so I have no way to verify or enable it.

2. Bizagi Connector for Salesforce does not work, I get the error message attached. The connection data (username, password and token) are correct, and I am using connector without any improvement.

Could you guide me how to solve this problem?

Best regards,


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Dear Marcia,

The problem seems to be that the Bizagi Connector Service is down. This a Windows Service that must be started to allow connector connections. We recommend verifying its status in the services.msc list and restart it if it is necessary.

We truly hope this works for you.

Best regards.