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Bizagi Case numbering not wokring

Dear Team,

Case numbers are not getting created in our new project, we have gone through the link

We have followed all steps but still the case numbering is nor happening.

We also tried creating through rule and give a trace in the rule just to check whether trace is getting created or not, even then no trace was created.

Restarting IIS, cleaning cache in .net folder and in the project , also cleaning of cache in the browser was also done.

Please help as we need to deliver this project quickly, the reason we are worried is that if the project is somehow corrupted, we dont want to code more into it so that our work is wasted.



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Dear Frank,

Bear in mind that when you set case numbering, you require to select an application or a process. Probably, you have selected a process instead of the application on configuration level. Please check the following image:


Best Regards