Best way to manage several processes


I would like to know what bizagi does recommend how to manage processes within a company.

I'm creating a new process for delivery licenses for our product.

Next process will be a sales process for another product.

Another process is how to manage our hardware (by new, replace, ...)

The processes are build in the studio and then published to a test and a productiv platform.

Development is installed on a server, test and productiv on another server, but both (test and productiv on the same.

We will manage all projects within this 2 servers.

What does bizagi recommend?

Creating ONE project including all the processes? What are the advantage? disadvantage?

Creating an OWN project for each process? What are the advantage? disadvantage?

Kind regards y muchas gracias

Jürg (Jorge) Herren

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Dear Jorge,

Regarding your question, we recommend to have one project to include many processes.

You can use case security to organise the access to each team. For further information:

Regarding the number of serves, the idea is to have development and test in one server and production in another server. Why? Because the production requires more resources. However, every point depends the number of users.

For further information: