Best Practices for Creating Entity by Data Virtualization

Dear Team,

I am trying to add a Virtual entity in Bizagi from an external data source which has nearly 100 columns and we need to read/ update this data table in Bizagi workflow.

I am not able to add this data table as studio does not respond with the screen Creating Entity "[DataTableName]"

Can you please let me know if there is any limit for number of columns to be present in external data table?


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Dear Karimulla

When defining an Entity, avoid creating a large number of attributes as this will demand more resources when executing queries involving that Entity. Having a large number of attributes(more than 30) in a single entity may result in performance issues.

It is common to assume that a set of attributes belong to one large single entity, but we encourage you to consider breaking larger entities into smaller relational entities when possible.

Please refer to following articles for best practices:

You may want to create few views on the table and then use the Views for virualization.

Please refer to the following article for details:

Hope this helps!

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