Best Practices for Adding Icons in "Configure work portal icon"

Hi everyone,

I'm planning to add a few custom icons (e.g., fa-gamepad) to the Bizagi Work Portal. I've reviewed the app.min.css and bizagi.font.category.html files and believe I can achieve this by adding lines to them.

However, before making any changes, I wanted to seek your expertise and guidance in this area.

I'm looking for the best practices for adding custom icons without disrupting the functionality of Bizagi Studio.

I would be grateful for any information, instructions, or tips you can provide.

Thank you

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Dear Karim,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Please bear in mind that changes through the theme builder are the only ones supported. Other ways are not possible without risking the integrity of the software. For more information, please read the following article:

Kind regards,

Laura G


thanks Dear Laura.

Yes, I am aware of this risk and I know that it is necessary to check carefully.

With the description, I suggest increasing the number of selectable icons, because Bizagi uses the font-awesome collection for this purpose, which is a very rich collection of icons, but Bizagi has only selected 49 of these icons for the use of Bizagi Studio users, and yet, in many cases, there is no icon that represents the concept well among these 49 icons.

As you said, by manipulating the contents of files app.min.css and bizagi.font.category.html, there is a risk of performance interference in Bizagi, and it is better to apply the necessary changes by the Bizagi team.