Autosave please!

While I usually remember to save fairly often, I do forget every now and then. As fate would have it, today I forgot to save for about 2 hours and then my program crashed and I lost all the work I did, with no way of recovering it. What is more irritating, is that when you are working on a lot of diagrams that are fairly complicated, it often happens that you don't only lose the obvious additions and expansions to your diagrams, but also all the small changes made to existing diagrams. This is extremely frustrating, as remembering every little thing you did is nearly impossible. I have noticed that there is no autosave function on Bizagi, even though people on this forum have been asking for it for a number of years. Is it something you are looking into?

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Dear Esther,

First of all, thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Nevertheless, the consideration of an idea must be related to the impact in terms of quality, security, usability, and performance. About this last one, it is really important to keep some performance conditions for all of our users and that is the reason why this option is not being considered yet. Thanks for your understanding.

If this feature is included someday, we will let our users know through our product official release notes in our website.

Best regards.


this works now