Automatic Testing Tool Error: The device is not ready


1- Open Automatic Testing Tool as Administrator

2- Configure the URL of the process using https

3- Click into record scenario

4- The following URL is open in my google chrome browser: Version 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) (64-bit)

5- I am able to select a user and login with using quick login

6- Record my scenario

7- When click on stop button a message box appear:

"The testing console is not available. Please ensure that the console is up and running,

and the workportal is able to communicate via SSL with the console.

Check for more detailed information"

Automatic Testing Logs:

The Recorder service is starting...

Configuring Recorder Service...

Recorder Service Configurated !

The Recorder service is ready.

Launching Recorder Interface: https://******/PinPon/jquery/automatictesting/test/Recorder.html

Preparing to save scenario...

Error when saving scenario. Error: The device is not ready.

Environment Information:

Bizagi Version:

Automatic Testing Tool:

Operative System: Windows Server 2012R2

IIS Configuration you can see on attached files

I've already complete this steps too

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Dear Ricardo,

Is Still Happening this problem?

Maybe you can follow this steps.