Authorization Concept | Skill needs to be added as an option in authorization

Hi Team,

We need the possibility to specify skills (and other possible user related attributes) in the Authorization for entities, case creation , case management etc.

Right now we have to create a dedicated user group with the skills if we want to use Skill as a criteria for authorization . This does not suit us as we want to avoid creation of user groups and we want to avoid dedicated user roles for each workflow.

The idea is to create a skill specifc to a workflow and then use the combination of skill and generic roles in authorization. For performers it works but we cant do that for authorization as skills and other user attributes are missing from the authorization console.


Lokesh Upreti

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Dear Lokesh,

Thanks for your great interest in Bizagi and also for sharing your ideas with us. This suggestion will be shared with our product team. Nevertheless, we cannot announce any dates or progress in this suggested feature for now. Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards.


Any update?