Authentication Required (account does not belong to the Bizagi group)

Good day, Yesterday I have started My First proces. I was sailing along Studio untill chapter 7 Integrate with other applications. Windows 10 in Dutch does not quite matchwith the guidelines in the Workshop material. This morning I decided to give it another go. However Bizagi Studio would not open. See atachment. Translation: Cannot make a connection to the source computer beacause the connection is actively refused. What to do?

(PS: l have no experience with IIS)

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Dear Justin,

To open a project, you will need to make sure your user is authorized to do so.

Consider the following authorization settings when opening a project:

1. Your user needs to be explicitly defined as a member of the Bizagi group.

If you are connecting to a project hosted on a remote server, then you will need to make sure that your user also belongs to the Bizagi group at that remote server.


2. If the Bizagi Studio security feature has been configured for this project, make sure that your user is authorized to open the project and work in the relevant processes.

For more information about the Bizagi Studio security feature, refer to How to configure Bizagi Studio security.

3. Check the Bizagi Operation Service is up. If it is up, restart it.

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