Assigning resources makes that the simulation instances don't travel through the process model

I'm attempting to use the simulation feature in Bizagi Studio, while simulating through the different stages I got to the third one which is the Resource Analysis, however when I assign the defined resources the instances created at the start event do not travel into the first activity, which has the resource assigned to it.

My steps to get to this problem were as follows:

1. Modeled the process

2. Created the resources in the resource tab

3. Assigned each resource a quantity and cost

4. Assigned the necessary resources to each activity

5. Defined the scenario

6. Run the simulation.

The simulation simply does not show any numeric values when it encounters the first activity that needs a resource.

I'll attach two files one showcasing the scenario where resources are assigned, and one where no resources are assigned.

What can I do to fix this?

Best regards,

André Cota

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Good afternoon André,

Please refer this topic to the Bizagi Modeler forum, since this is the Bizagi Studio forum, there you can find the answer to your question.


Andres Montoya