Assign Task Based on User Property

I have a process where a requestor can create a case and then submit their request to two approvers in sequential order. I'm at the point of defining performers and I need to assign tasks to users, after the case has been initiated, based on these two criteria:

1. User must be in the specified role (e.g., Approver 1, Approver 2)

2. The Approver's division must be the same as the previous participants division (e.g., Approver 1's division would need to be the same as the Case creator's and Approver 2's division would need to be the same as Approver 1's)

Division is a user property.

I've created a precondition for routing the case to the correct approver because that is based on role, but I'm having trouble routing the case based on the user property 'Division'. I've read documentation about writing an expression using the 'User property of assignees' function to return a collection, but I wonder if there's an easier way to accomplish this?

I'm including a screenshot of the precondition that I currently have setup. It could also be the case that I need an entirely new, separate precondition to make this work. Any and all suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Dear D’Marquis,

In order to accomplish this, you will need to use the expressions

to allocate the task. Please review the documentation here,

Take note of step #5, your code should be similar to this and if successful

will return all users who match the same division as the creator. Then we can

further filter down by using the ‘and’ operator and matching the appropriate

approver User Role.