Allow removal of duplicate field on form in case it is used in Actions & Validations


followed from Troubleshoot topic: Unable to remove duplicate field if the first one was included in Actions & Validations

The issue:

In case the user adds two of the same data to the form (possibly one was put to the form by mistake) and the data is being referenced in Actions & Validations, even the duplicate one cannot be removed unless

1.) user alters all actions and validations not to include the said data

2.) removes the duplicate data field

3.) He has to re-modify his actions and validations as it was before (possibly forgetting some part on the way).

This might not be a great issue for the data which is being used in actions & validations once or maybe twice.

However, if it is used many times (let us say 10 times), this makes this procedure very lengthy and complicated instead of a single-click work-time. Plus there are possibilities of making mistakes when trying to get the Actions & validations to the same state as in the beginning.

The solution (well one of the possible solutions):

It would be very beneficial both for Bizagi and its users if the next strategy would be implemented in Bizagi:

"If there is more than one instance of the data present on the form (textbox etc.), then allow deletion of this field from the form. Otherwise, if there is only one instance of the data present on the form, display the message (the one given already) about existing dependencies present in Actions & Validations and do not allow the deletion of the data from the form."

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