Add the "Submit on change" advanced feature to all controls


I've noticed that the controls such as Combo and Yes/No control have the neat option to submit the form data (all of the data on the form, not only of the relevant control, so my tests have confirmed).

However, other controls such as Button, Date, Text box, etc. (I haven't checked all of them) do not have this option.

It would be probably very good to have the Submit on change feature available on all controls.

Please, see the attached image for more information.

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Submit on change is not always the best option (especially if you have large form with complex data model) as it will send all data to server and reload whole task form.

Better option is to add from Action When "changes" Then "execute expression" and "refresh" only relevant element that was affected by expression.



Dear Dejan,

Thank you for your interest in our platform. The Product team decided to decline this idea since what you are asking for can be done through the "actions and validations" feature in Bizagi Studio.

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Laura G