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Laura Garcia 1 year ago

Dear users,

Thank you for your interest in our Bizagi Studio community. Please bear in mind that if you have a paid license with us (or belong to a company that does), you have access to the Support site to create a ticket that will be answered by our Support team more promptly than here in the forums. Thus, if you have a license and have a problem you would like to report, we strongly advice that you use the Support site.

The following article describes the steps to create a support ticket through the site: Bizagi Studio - Support Guide

All the best!

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Hello Bizagi Team,

I am a Working Student at a company, that uses Bizagi Studio(licensed version). But we have following problems:

Every time a new student/worker arrives at our company he takes on the eLearning challenges and creates the very entities for practising purposes. These entities are then among our entities we uses for our productive processes. Is it possible to create a second project for practising purposes, without any additional costs? Or is there another way to seperate the productive from the practicing data within the same project? I attached a file so you can see, which problem i am addressing.

Another user has suggested this as well but the comments have been locked on this page.

Kind regards

Files: City.PNG

Dear Johannes,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. You might want to see if the feature of share processes helps you with your requirement. Here is a link to the user guide that explains it:

We hope this helps you.

Kind regards,

Laura G

PS. In the future, please consider creating a new topic with your question rather than commenting on an announcement since comments like this tend to be ignored to give priority to topics users post.